What is a banana? Is it a fruit, an herb or a berry? Well, bananas are all those things. The banana is the most confusing item I have ever come across in produce. What's so confusing you ask? The confusion is in respect of the definition of 'Banana'. The Banana tree itself is an herb. The best definition of herb as far as I know is this: Herb is a flowering plant with a fleshy rather than woody stem, which usually dies back at the end of each growing season. The Banana tree trunk is a false stem formed by tightly wrapped leaf sheaths. The Banana itself is from the berry family. A berry is a simple fruit having a skin surrounding one or more seeds in a fleshy pulp. If you cut a banana in lengthwise, in the center, you will notice very tiny black 'seeds'. So, the Banana is a fruit, herb and a berry.

I wonder if that's where the saying "going bananas" comes from.

There are over 100 varieties of banana, some of those are
1.Burro 2.Nino 3.Manzano 4.Red plantain 5.Green plantain 6.Mas 7.Berangan 8.Cavendish 9.Rastali 10.Tanduk 11.Awak 12.Nangka 13.Baby 14.Guinea verde 15.Macabu 16.Manzano 17.Ae Ae 18.African Rhino Horn, 19.Apple banana 20.Pear banana, 21.Blood banana 22.Brazilian/Dwarf 23.Cardaba 24.Cuban apple 25.Golden aromatic 26.Gros michelle 27.Haha 28.Hawaiian black 29.Hua moa 30.Ice cream banana 31.Jamaican red 32.Kru 33.Lacatan 34.Lady finger 35.Macaboo 36.Mahoi 37.Monkey finger 38.Mysore 39.Nino 40.Orinoco 41.Orito 42.Praying hands 43.Pysang raja 44.Rajapuri 45.Red iholene 46.Saba 47.Thousand finger 48.Valery 49.Willams hybird 50.Zebrina 51.Gran Nain.