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July 17, 2018


Season 14 (2018) Canceled!

Community to lose World Class Attraction

So let us see if we have this right: the Judge tossed the Municipality demand for an injunction to shut down the Canadian Guitar Festival however a nuanced reading of the Decision would make holding this world famous artistic feather in the Municipality's cap illegal. Uh huh... and apparently this all resulted from a sole complaint without actual legal merit and having nothing to do with the Canadian Guitar Festival. Uh huh ... so the businesses that benefited from the yearly flocking of fingerstyle guitar fans from around the world can write this summer bump off their fiscal calendars. Uh huh ... the Municipality of South Frontenac ends up in some folk's opinion as at least looking like bunch of uncultured rubes, probably with a hidden agenda. Uh huh ... stop me if any of this actually makes any sense. On second thought, your friendly neighborhood web guy should probably stop now lest I personally tempt the Council help me really expose just how [ahem] short sighted and vulnerable a few small town bureaucrats with delusions of power can be.

Sorry folks - unlike yours truly, Del is taking the high road and already looking for an appropriate and appreciative venue to host next year's Canadian Guitar Festival. Go back to the home page and follow the link to Del's Facebook blog for more details. As for yours truly, I believe the wonderful people of South Frontenac deserve better Council representation than they are getting. Like so many of us involved with bringing the family friendly CGF to Loughborough Lake Holiday Park over the years, we will be sad to say goodbye to the local supporters of the Festival but rest assured as they say; the show will go on in 2019. The world class artists will astonish us once again. Count on it. We thank all the local volunteers, technical support people and of course the wonderful food and craft kiosk owners who helped build the event over the years... and yes, the friends of the music who came out rain or shine. We will miss you all this year.

March 12, 2018


Zoning Issue Resolved!

Judge tosses injunction attempt...

The zoning issue has been resolved by the Court. We are good to go. See the home page for more details on the situation. Why a few Municipal Council members would seek to jeopardize a world famous tourist attraction is hard to figure but all is well that ends well. Season 14 of Canadian Guitar Festival will take place July 27 - 29, 2018.

For those who have been following this frankly bizarre situation, here is the third article by Craig Bakay, writing for Frontenac News. Craig's latest article documents the final Decision:

Judge Shoots Down Injunction

march 12, 2018


2018 Dates Confirmed

... bringing on the world's best

The Canadian Guitar Festival & Figerstyle Guitar Competition is now confirmed for the weekend of July 27 - 29, 2018. After all Del has gone through to make it happen, you may be sure that this year's line up will bring down the house! If you love the outdoors, camping on a pristine lake, or just want to sit back under the dome and enjoy the best fingerstyle guitar talent in the world, then circle your calendars, gather up the family and plan your summer holiday break! We will post the 2018 ticket pricing on the Tickets page very soon. Arrange to purchase online and save over the "at the gate" pricing. It does not get any easier or more convenient. Family friendly. Outstanding natural venue. The world's best music artists. Craft and specialty booths. Refreshment stands. And just minutes away from downtown Kingston. Oh - and did we mention a lobster dinner at cost? Mmmm ... lobster. See you at the lake!