The Canadian Guitar Festival
The Vision is 2020!

 Fully accessible and family friendly

The Canadian Guitar Festival returns in 2020!

BREAKING NEWS: Responding to both public and artist support, the Canadian Guitar Festival will return in the summer of 2020. The exact dates and venue are yet to be determined. We will update the site as new information is made available.

The following offers a somewhat dated explanation of the events that resulted in our decision to shut down the CGF until clarity could be obtained from the South Frontenac Municipality and the courts.

We tried to reason with the South Frontenac Municipality. We were pleased to announce that the injunction sought by the Municipality had been denied by Judge Hurley in Ontario Superior Court. However it seems that the prestige and economic benefits provided to the Municipality by the yearly showcasing of the some of the world's most talented freestyle guitarists was not enough to encourage Council members from amending their zoning bylaws. To proceed ahead with the CGF would now be literally illegal according to legal counsel. Yet this did not prevent Council from issuing a yearly exemption to the bylaws. If that sounds a little nuanced to you folks then join the club. In any case...

We do not know what the merchants, motel/hotel owners, restaurant owners, and indeed so many other businesses that have benefited from the summer bonanza of music fans coming from all over the world every year to enjoy the music and everything else that the area offers, are thinking now. We do know that our personal disappointment is surely exceeded only by the loyal individuals and families who looked forward every year to this rare chance to be entertained by the best musicians in the world.

South Frontenac Municipality Council members can perhaps explain what would prompt them to throw away such a benefit to our community.

Del Vezeau, the visionary who has worked tirelessly to bring this first class event to our community, has set up a Facebook blog to hopefully try to make some sense of what has happened. Your feedback will surely be welcomed:

Proportionally Surreal: The Municipality of South Frontenac v 360778 Ontario Ltd. - Loughborough Lake Holiday Park
NOTE: The link should open properly in a new window or tab. This remedies some current issues with our server in handling re-directs to some external links.

Meanwhile we apologize to the artists and music lovers who have made the Canadian Guitar Festival something special. We tried our best. It seems it was not enough. Your friendly neighborhood web guy will miss your smiling faces this year. - WAC

Craig Bakay, writing for Frontenac News, has been documenting the situation from the beginning and provided the following report on the welcome Decision:

Judge Shoots Down Injunction

The Competition Registration is already underway and we are working to finalize our schedule of internationally recognized talent. Make no mistake, the 2018 Canadian Guitar Festival & Fingerstyle Guitar Competition will be bringing you competitors and performing artists all around the world, from almost every continent. Circle your calendars, gather the family and we will see you at the lake!

- Del

The Vision is 2020!

The Music

The Canadian Guitar Festival has always been first and foremost about the music. Over the years we have been fortunate enough to bring the most talented masters of the fingerstyle guitar in the world to some of the most knowledgeable and appreciative audiences in the world. Our Fingerstyle Competition has launched many on to recording contracts and international recognition...

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How to find us

The Canadian Guitar Festival is located in Loughborough Lake Holiday Park on a pristine, spring fed, 23 mile long lake loaded with lake trout, bass, pike, & pan fish! It is located just north of Kingston, via Sydenham Road (8 Km North of Hwy 401 at Exit #613). We have an interactive Google map, phone and mailing information and of course our email address link.

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OK - you have probably reviewed the world class talent, perhaps even checked out the stunning, family friendly venue and the significant other is looking to you for something special this summer. Perfect. Here is how to bring smiles all around.

 Save big time on the ticket package!

Whether you are looking for an entire weekend by the lake with the whole family or just seek a special day of fun, sun, great music and all capped off with a lobster dinner... we have that! And you can save a bundle by ordering online from our ticket page. Just click the link and decide which package is right for you. Savings go online: TBA

 Need a place to stay?

If you have a tent and are in to it, toss it in the car and head for the lake. We are just 8 km (5 mi) North of Hwy 401 at Kingston Exit #613 and we have plenty of room. What about your trailer or RV? No problem there either. We have a limited number of fully serviced sites as well. Just make sure you reserve your spot early.

If you are from out of town and camping is not your thing, no worries there either. Head to the accommodations page and you will find more than two dozen suggestions geared to any budget.

PLEASE NOTE: The following interesting query just arrived in our mailbox.

I would like to order tickets including camping and reserve a campsite(s). We have 4 people (2 tents) confirmed and another possible 4 people (3 tents) who have expressed interest but continue to waffle. Can I get 2 campsites if I place orders for the 4 people confirmed? Is it possible to get adjacent campsites? Would 2 campsites be enough for up to 5 (2 man) tents if they decide last minute?


No problem !

We don't reserve specific sites as such, rather we direct people to specific areas that will be conducive to sleeping. Want to jam until 4:00 am? Okay this tenting area is the one for you! Want to get horizontal on that new air mattress you just picked up at Cdn Tire? Okay...right this way :)

"Would 2 campsites be enough for up to 5 (2 man) tents if they decide last minute?"

Yes. Given that everyone is getting directed and settled as they arrive, 'last minute' is not an issue. See ya at the lake!


The 2017 CGF Competition winners (L-R): Joel Saunders (3rd place), R D King (1st place), (Roger Schmidt, Stonebridge Guitars) and Gints Smukais (2nd place) photo: Virginia Maria Photography

So there you have it - check, check and check... three days of some of the best guitar music in the world, acres of nature to explore, a sandy beach and some of the nicest friendliest folks you will ever meet. Go ahead - you certainly deserve the best and it does not get any easier or more convenient. See you at the lake!

If you are a fan of cartoonist Gary Trudeau's Doonesbury, this uncaptioned sketch by Lauren Vezeau will surely elicit a smile.

by Lauren Vezeau

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Hospitalito Atitlan

They need our help.

Every year, the Canadian Guitar Festival has quietly donated a portion of all guitar draw ticket sales to Hospitalito Atitlan to help sponsor their efforts to provide quality healthcare and hope to Mayan Families. Hospitalito Atitlán is a small private nonprofit hospital serving 75,000 Maya living on the southern shore of beautiful Lake Atitlán in the Guatemalan highlands.

The hospital provides a full-range of preventive and clinical health services with an emphasis on women and children and has the only 24/7 emergency and surgical obstetrical care within a two-hour radius.

We are grateful for the support of the CGF fans in helping us make this annual donation possible.

Washburn Guitars Logo Every year Washburn Guitars donates Washburn RO10 Rovers guitars for raffle with all proceeds going to Hospitalito Atitlan. We thank them for their generous support of this worthy cause.

We raised 1108$ for Hospalito Atitlan during the 2016 CGF. :-) Holmes struck gold with those Niagra peaches! Special thanks to our sponsors at Washburn Guitars for their annual donation of 3 Rover guitars for our daily raffles! Also big ups to Andrea Peloso who could not attend but bought a Sat. day pass to add to the mix for the hospalito! Our thanks to all who donated! - Del

 Hospitalito Atitlan

Please consider donating

No amount is too small. As little as $10/month, can make a difference, buying trauma care for a patient with an emergency.

Here's what else your donation can do:

  • $25 - Eight (8) asthma treatments
  • $50 - diabetes medication for five (5) patients
  • $100 - 25 patient medical check-ups
  • $300 - A nurse's salary for one month
  • $1,000 - A physician's salary one month

Can't attend this year but want to contribute to this outstanding cause? By clicking on the donate button below, your PayPal contribution here goes to to support Hospalito Attitlan in Guatemala and will supplement all proceeds we raise here at the Festival in support of this worthy cause. Your generous donation is greatly appreciated.