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July 24 - 26, 2015

We have put together a few sections featuring just some of the artists over the years, a few interviews and promotion videos and even a few performances submitted to our Facebook page that particularly stood out. If there is a CGF performance video that has particularly moved you, please feel free to send an email with the link and details. We will happily include it. Thanks.

The selections included are intended to be representative of the wide range of talent and music stylings that we have been pleased to offer to Canadian Guitar Festival audiences over the years. If your favorite CGF artist does not yet appear, rest assured we will eventually add them to this page so check back occasionally. Or better yet, send us a link at the email address above and we will post it even sooner! The Canadian Guitar Festival has always been first and foremost about the artists.

 2014 Competition Videos

Every year the Canadian Guitar Festival Fingerstyle Guitar Competition provides us with some truly outstanding performances and our 10th Anniversary was no exception. We are confident that you will enjoy these 2014 performances and we promise to add to our selection as time permits. If anyone can provide your friendly neighbourhood web guy with more Competition video links (don't forget the competitor's name!), please send me an email. It will be greatly appreciated.

 Assorted CGF Performances

In this section we have selected at random a few artists who have taken the stage over the years and 'wowed' those of us lucky enough to have been there. This list is of course entirely subjective and far from complete. We will be adding to it as often as time permits.

 TVCogeco Programs

Our third section comes to us from one of our longest standing Partners. TVCogeco puts together a series of memorable performances each year and airs one per week in its Canadian Guitar Festival timeslot. Here are some of those as generously posted on YouTube. Enjoy.

 Also Notable

We occasionally receive links to some inspiring guitar performances on the Canadian Guitar Festival Facebook page. Here in our fourth section we have put together just a few of those. Please feel free to submit a YouTube hosted performance that particularly inspired or moved you. Send an email to your friendly neighbourhood web guy with the link and details and we will consider posting it here.



CTV Morning Live Show

In 2013, Melissa Lamb of Ottawa's CTV Morning Live provided an informative preview of the 2013 Canadian Guitar Festival. Parts 1 and 2 feature the CGF organizer Del Vezeau explaining the venue, a little history and even providing a brief guitar lesson. Part 3 of the program features Maricio Montecinos, one of the international performing artists at the 2013 Festival.

Del Vezeau:

 Part 1 of 3

 Part 2 of 3

Maricio Montecinos:

 Part 3 of 3