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A decade of memories
July 24 - 26, 2015

As we swing into our 2nd decade (where has the time flown?!) here at the Canadian Guitar Festival, it seemed appropriate to dig deeply into our archives for the photographic history of the Festival. Wow! Needless to say, that is not something one might schedule for a free night or even a weekend. There were thousands from which to choose: some funny, others spectacularly beautiful, the triumphs and yes, the occasional tears and of course the world class artists who have graced our evolving stage over the years.

Hopefully some of you regulars will also have links to albums and will be willing to help us move this project forward. Please consider helping out your friendly neighbourhood web guy by sending us an email with links to your memories. Be sure to include any photo credit info. It will be difficult to choose what to leave in and what to leave out but in the end we hope that you will agree that, for better or worse, it has been a picturesque walk in the park. Enjoy your visit. See you at the Lake!

 Season 10 - 2014

Memorable does not even begin to describe our 10th anniversary weekend - spectacular, awesome, mesmerizing... getting closer; toss in Sunday's challenges from Mother Nature, our own version of the Burning Man and ... well, you just had to be there! While we somehow find the time to gather and sort through and edit the digital record, here are just a few teaser placeholders. Outstanding performances, smiling faces of all ages ... yup - it was a weekend that few will forget any time soon. Enjoy.

 To get us started

 A Few Faves

OK - actually these are just a few that tickled the subjective fancy of the web guy.

 The web guy's choice

 A Beninger Gallery

Folks in the Ottawa area (and beyond) have almost surely seen the professional work of photographer Peter Beninger. We are pleased to feature just some of Peter's "Faces at the Festival" from the 2012 Canadian Guitar Festival. Where's Waldo?

 Faces at the Fest

 The Artists

 Its all about the music

Of course the Canadian Guitar Festival has always been first and foremost about the music and we have been honoured to showcase some of the very best artists in the world. Their awesome talents and your enthusiastic support has made for more magical memories than we could possibly include here. Here is just a sample of the inspiring performers who have made us smile over the years.

Just click/tap a pic to bring up the photo gallery. The video links are separate from the gallery photos and may be viewed individually. It is a work in progress so rest assured that we will eventually include everyone. Oh - a note on the order: we have tried to post them in order of their earliest appearance at the Canadian Guitar Guitar Festival (more or less), with the incomparable friend of the Festival Don Ross leading the way.

 Don Ross

 Rik Emmett

 Dylan Fowler

 Jason Fowler

 David&Ariana Gillis

 Del Vezeau

 Kristin Sweetland

 Duane Andrews

 Don Alder.jpg


 Michael Chapdelaine

 JP Cormier

 Pino Forastiere

 Andrew White

 Brooke Miller

 Andy McKee


 Robert Michaels

 Erick Turnbull

 Pierre Bensusan

 Jay Calder


 Peter Kroll-Ploeger

 Claus Boesser-Ferrari